Office appts:              60 min   $80           90 min   $105           2 hr    $145

All office sessions are priced at a flat rate and include  Hot Stones  &  Aromatherapy  at no extra charge

                        Off-Site Appts:               $150 for the first hour,  $80 each additional hour

Don't feel like driving to the west side?    No problem.  I will pack up and head out your way.
(Ashiatsu is not an option for off-site appointments )

* $25 fee for no-shows or cancellations less than 4 hours in advance *


This style permits blissfully deep penetration of large muscle groups and is great for those with dense musculature who feel like therapists often "don't get deep enough".  Using my feet and the weight of my body, I melt away knots and improve your posture.  All body types can receive Ashiatsu, however the pressure is lightened to accommodate smaller frames.  


Focuses on treating chronic, painful, problematic injuries and musculo-skeletal distortions.  Typically used to treat specific areas of complaint, it is great for improving the condition of repetitive use injuries, pre-op/post-op discomfort, enhancing muscle performance & improving quality of life for athletes.


Traditional Thai massage is given through loose clothing and uses no oil.  It fuses a combination of Acupressure and passive Yoga stretches to help you lengthen and re-center your body.  Thai work is great for improving soft tissue health and joint flexibility.


The purpose of Swedish massage is to increase oxygen flow in the blood and flush toxins from the muscles.  Often called Relaxation Massage, this style uses long flowing strokes, kneading, friction, tapping and vibration to achieve increased nourishment to the skin and muscle tissue. 

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue work addresses both superficial and deeper muscles of the body.  Unless requested not to, Ashiatsu is always incorporated into this style at Studio 3.  Heat applications are used to warm up the tissue in order for deeper penetration.


An ancient form of energy work, Reiki is designed to balance the chakras (energy centers) of your neurological system in order to enhance your body's own natural healing capabilities.  It's completely passive and only a light touch will be physically felt.  Energetically, however, recipients can experience a number of sensations including floating, spinning, lucid dreaming, tingling, vibration or waves of emotion.  

Chair Massage

Great for corporate settings, small gatherings, parties, special events such as Sporting Events, Employee/Customer Appreciation, Holiday parties, Bridal showers, Ladies night get-togethers, etc.  Chair massage improves morale & productivity in the workplace and very much "energizes" social settings.  Things are always more fun with a massage therapist around.  :)

( Most sessions are eclectic in nature and encompass a combination of skilled techniques )



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