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   Specializing in Barefoot Ashiatsu, Western Medical and Traditional Thai techniques, your massage sessions are aimed at addressing muscle tightness, chronic pain & myofascial restrictions.  As we all know, when problems are ignored these biochemical machines we operate within (our bodies) begin to "glitch".  One persistent glitch can ricochet into a myriad of physical issues, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, stressed and confused about what to begin addressing first.   As these issues accumulate, they have the potential to cause major disruptions which we commonly identify as stress, pain, fatigue, disease, obesity, sickness and even cancer.  It remains tremendously important to acknowledge that therapeutic bodywork, proper hydration, a nutrient-rich diet, and physical exercise are the most significant aspects of our self care.   Self care should never be disregarded or postponed.   When we take better care of ourselves, we are more able to take better care of others.

  Heather graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science  in Art Therapy & Psychology.  Upon graduating she took a full time position in healthcare.  With a desire to transition into a role that allowed her to focus on healing from not only a mental health perspective, but also a physical and spiritual one, she enrolled as a full time student at the Healing Arts Institute in 2003 while also working full time as a Program Coordinator for northwest Ohio's community-based mental healthcare system.  

  Over the past two decades Heather has enjoyed exploring the various factors that influence the behavior of our minds, bodies & interpersonal relationships.  All the lifestyle components mentioned in the Philosophy paragraph above have an astounding effect on the body's overall performance as a machine.  Even at it's most basic physiological level, the human body is a fascinating network of electrical energies and chemical reactions...all responding to influences not only from within its own self, but it's external world as well.  She believes the choices we make -- the people we surround ourselves with, how often we express gratitude, how many times a day we smile, how we choose to spend our free time, what types of fuel we give our body to perform with, how often we exercise & stretch -- these choices are the essence of the health and happiness we experience over our short lifetimes.


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I absolutely love what I do, and love the opportunites this work has presented me.  I certainly hope you feel it when you visit my massage studio.  Thanks for taking the time to read my bio ... now I look forward to learning more about you.  Call to schedule your session at 904-508-3688.


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